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GOEPEL electronics enters Market for In-Line On-Board Programmer

13 June 2012 - GOEPEL electronic introduced RAPIDO, a new family of multi-site in-line programmers designed for high-speed in-system programming (ISP) of non-volatile memory devices such as Flash, serial EEPROM, micro controller units (MCU), and programmable logic devices (PLD).  RAPIDO is based on the SCANFLEX architecture and supports the latest embedded system access (ESA) technologies.

With its patented mechanics the scaleable solution offers flexible handling and high throughput for production applications. As a result, RAPIDO provides opportunities to significantly reduce inventory management / version control costs and overall manufacturing costs.

“With our philosophy of embedded system access we are addressing not only issues related to accessibility and complexity of test, but also those related to device programming.  Our new RAPIDO product line brings the benefits and potential of ESA technologies to high-volume production”, says Thomas Wenzel, GOEPEL electronic’s Managing Director for the company’s Boundary Scan Division. “Almost every other project is a mix of test and device programming, and due to RAPIDO’s compatibility with other SYSTEM CASCON configurations users can directly reuse test and programming routines. As a result, extensive debugging can be avoided and target-specific programmer licenses are not required with RAPIDO”.

The first member of the RAPIDO product family, RPS900-S16, provides double-sided probing with up to 900 nail probes and gang programming of up to 16 sites. Supporting all ISP technologies based on embedded system access, available applications include FPGA-assisted programming (FAP), core-assisted programming (CAP) through a JTAG or non-JTAG debug interface of a processor, in-application programming (IAP), and programming via Boundary Scan.

Targets for RAPIDO programming applications are all types of Flash devices, such as NOR, NAND, and eMMC with parallel or serial interface, as well as on-chip memory on micro-controllers and all kinds of PLD and FPGA devices. In the case of Flash accessible through edge connectors or probe points, direct programming through nail probes is possible as well, utilizing RAPIDO’s dynamic I/O resources. Core elements of RAPIDO are the proven and mature software and hardware platforms SYSTEM CASCON and SCANFLEX, respectively. In addition, various options can be added to the system configuration in order to incorporate board test applications, to accommodate customer specific extensions, to program through CAN, LIN, or FlexRay interfaces, and for communication with pick-and-place feeders and with PASS/FAIL sorters, for example.

Sales and support for RAPIDO is available worldwide through GOEPEL electronic’s established network of branch offices and selected partners. Service includes delivery, installation, and maintenance of complete preconfigured turn-key solutions.

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