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Aeroflex Announces the New CS9000 Broadband Signal System

23 September 2010 — Aeroflex presented at AUTOTESTCON in Orland/Florida its new CS9000 Broadband Signal System (BSS). The CS9000 BSS is the premier test system for signal generation and recording for simulation and analysis of advanced communications signals in extreme environments. An integrated, modular system comprised of the operational elements of Aeroflex’s Broadband Signal Analyzer and Generator (BSAG), the CS9000 BSS provides the widest bandwidth and deepest memory modular RF/baseband test system on the market today.

Unlike other test systems, the CS9000 BSS can simultaneously generate, monitor, analyze, and record hours of complex signals and signal environments. Markets for the CS9000 BSS include analysis of complex radio signal environments, RADAR and electronic warfare development, military and space applications, EMI (electromagnetic interference) and EME (electromagnetic environment) monitoring.

“The true power of a waveform analyzer comes with its ability to do two things— analyze signals that are supposed to be present in the environment—and analyze the signals that are not supposed to be there,” said Sue Guzman, vice president and general manager of Aeroflex Systems Group, Cupertino. “To do this, the test system must simultaneously display the captured waveform in all three domains: time, frequency, and modulation. That’s the power of the CS9000.”

The CS9000 BSS is a modular turnkey RF test system that is unmatched in analysis, recording, and playback of wide bandwidth signals. With market-leading instantaneous RF bandwidths of 60 and 400 MHz and burst rates up to 500,000 bursts per second, the CS9000 BSS is the only product that combines a broadband RF source and a broadband analyzer into one cohesive package. Competitive approaches cobble together systems from a variety of test equipment that is difficult and time-consuming to integrate and debug.

With its small footprint, modular functionality, and integrated hardware and software, the CS9000 BSS replaces an entire bench of equipment — including spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, power meters, and logic analyzers. The CS9000 BSS also eliminates the need to use randomly developed software analysis tools that often introduce integration problems into the customer’s test system.

Signal Safari 2010 compatible with the Aeroflex CS9000 BSS

Signal Safari 2010™ is the demonstration version of the latest evolution of Aeroflex’s time-tested software suite, providing advanced multi-domain analysis and data generation capabilities for wireless communication R&D, RF system testing, complex signal analysis, and satellite communication link testing. Signal Safari 2010 showcases software that has been designed for use with Aeroflex broadband measurement instruments, including broadband signal and environment generators, analyzers, and analysis workstations.

Coupled with the CS9000 BSS, the software showcased in Signal Safari 2010 enables advanced analysis of complex communications signal environments. The software includes an improved graphical user interface that allows users to generate results more quickly for both analysis and operations.

Pricing and Availability

The CS9000 BSS includes both broadband signal analyzer and generator functionality with market-leading generation and analysis software. The CS9000 BSS and the Signal Safari 2010™ demonstration package are available now. Both the software and the CS9000 instruments are highly configurable to meet individual customer requirements.

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