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Combination of Device Programming and Test in Production

Göpel-Rapido-rps300005 June 2014 - GOEPEL electronic announced the extension of the in-line production system RAPIDO. The new features represent further development for the product family, already with a 2 year track record of success, and allow even greater production throughput and minimization of errors in testing and programming in production.

Systems of the RAPIDO family offer double-sided contact with up to 3.000 needles over 32 sites for in-line programming of mounted devices including non-volatile memory such as Flash, Microcontrollers (MUC) and Programmable Logic Devices (PLD). Within the system, programming can be combined with test strategies such as Boundary Scan, Processor Emulation, Chip Embedded Instruments or function test.

Significant improvements include the new features of the FID module (Fixture Identification and Data). The intelligent system informs the user about service intervals and maintenance instructions for the customer-specific adapter. In addition, the module can store information from past maintenance cycles to track an adapter’s history. The result is prevention of pseudo-errors due to faulty contacts resulting from worn out needles. The intelligent project management excludes operating errors at manual project change.

A newly integrated re-test function provides additional efficiency in programming and test procedures. The user can now pre-define a number of repeating cycles after unsuccessful programming or test runs. In addition, the RPS 900-S16/32 models are now available with extended usable area with up to 450 x 250 mm.

“We are developing the RAPIDO product line constantly under the growing demands of our customers. In the complex test and programming processes, our systems offer even more flexible and easy adaption to individual requirements” notes Alexander Beck, Integration Team Manager for the Boundary Scan unit at GOEPEL electronic. “We work actively to promote the technology of the Embedded System Access (ESA). We want to make this technology accessible even to our customers who are less experienced with ESA. Our comprehensive solution of RAPIDO series ensures safe project handling of smaller series and even high-volume in-line mass production. Test and programming can be carried out in a line so that the customer saves time and production costs.”

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