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Automated Testing of Embedded Software

8 October 2014 - TESSY is a tool for automated unit / module / integration testing of embedded software. Unit and module tests are usually required for safety-critical software according to safety-related standards like IEC 61508. TESSY version V3.1.9 supports now also LabWindows/CVI (version 2013 and later) from National Instruments (NI). LabWindows/CVI is an ANSI C integrated development environment and engineering toolbox. It contains hardware libraries, analysis functions, and a GUI builder.

The integration between LabWindows/CVI and TESSY enables the users of LabWindows/CVI to define unit tests in TESSY and execute the tests using LabWindows/CVI.

TESSY takes a single C function of the application source code as test object and determines automatically its input and output variables. Prior to the test, values for input variables and expected values for output variables are specified. Then TESSY creates automatically source code for the test application, which will be used for test execution. The test application is compiled and linked by TESSY using the tools included in LabWindows/CVI. For this, TESSY makes use of the CC_options.txt and the link_options.txt files from the LabWindows/CVI development project. Then TESSY loads the test application automatically in LabWindows/CVI and runs the tests. After the test execution, TESSY determines the test verdict by evaluating the expected result with the actual result and creates the test report from this.

LabWindows/CVI users can use all the usual functionality of TESSY. This comprises for instance measurement of the code coverage, software integration testing, automatic test report generation or the traceability of requirements to test cases. For test case specification TESSY includes the Classification Tree Editor CTE/ES. A powerful command language allows for automated regression testing and continuous integration. TESSY even provides means to let the user interactively debug a test case. This allows an easy investigation to find out why a test case failed.

For the test of safety-critical applications it is advantageous that TESSY is already qualified to be used in safety-related software development according to IEC 61508 and ISO 26262.

TESSY is available from Hitex Development Tools GmbH.

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