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Compliance Test of Embedded Multimedia Card Interfaces

RS RTO200022 April 2016 - Embedded multimedia cards (eMMC) are inexpensive internal storage media that are mainly used in mobile electronic devices in the consumer and industrial sectors. With new compliance test software for the R&S RTO oscilloscope family, Rohde & Schwarz now covers automated conformity tests for eMMC interfaces. R&S ScopeSuite, the central application for the control of all compliance tests, also offers new capabilities for integration and regression testing.

Rohde & Schwarz expands the functional range of its R&S RTO oscilloscope with the new R&S RTO-K92 eMMC compliance test software. The software option offers automated embedded multimedia cards (eMMC) interface compliance tests in line with the current JEDEC standard version 5.1. It not only covers the HS200 speed class, it is the first to offer compliance testing for HS400.

With its new debugging and compliance test solution, Rohde & Schwarz addresses manufacturers of eMMC chips as well as developers and manufacturers of circuits and products that use these chips. Problems often arise when integrating eMMC chips into electronic designs. The compliance test supports users when debugging signal integrity problems at the eMMC storage interface. These cost-efficient memory chips are used in mobile phones, tablets, GPS devices and e-readers, as well as in industrial electronic applications involving processor units and for Internet of Things applications.

Like other compliance test solutions from Rohde & Schwarz, the R&S RTO-K92 is also included in the well-established R&S ScopeSuite. A wizard guides the user through all the test steps. New control elements make R&S ScopeSuite even easier to use and provide more flexibility when defining and designing tests. The optimized automatic test sequence delivers results even faster. When the tests are finished, users can generate a detailed report for documentation purposes.

The R&S RTO- K92 eMMC compliance test software option for automated eMMC interface compliance tests is now available from Rohde & Schwarz.

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