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Compliance Testing for DisplayPort 1.4, Type-C and New HBR3

Tek HBR319 July 2017 – Tektronix released enhancements to its DisplayPort and Type-C transmitter test solution offering full support for the latest DisplayPort 1.4 specification. The solution includes support for the HBR3 data rate (8.1 Gb/s) and delivers the fastest compliance test times in the industry – less than 7 hours for data rates up to HBR2 and less than 11 hours for HBR3. These times are significantly faster than other competitive offerings.

Tektronix recently released automated USB 3.1 Type-C test solution for Gen1 and Gen 2 that integrates SigTest and DPOJET measurements and offers full compliance testing and deeper analysis.

It is very critical for an engineer working on overall Type-C designs to test USB and other supported Alt-modes to ensure the designs are compliant to these standards. Tektronix actively ensures its solutions meet the latest specification for all these technologies.

In addition to reducing DisplayPort test times, Tektronix is also addressing the challenges involved with setting up and managing the device under test (DUT). Along with support for the latest specification, Tektronix is also introducing a new stand-alone application to monitor DUT behavior before testing. With this solution, engineers can simply select the desired tests from a simple graphical user interface and work on other tasks while the tests are being executed.

 “When it comes to DisplayPort transmitter testing, Tektronix offers significant improvements in debugging capabilities over competitive offerings,” said Brian Reich, general manager, Performance Oscilloscopes, Tektronix. “We’re offering the fastest test times, complete test coverage, seamless support for in-depth debug as well as support for both live and pre-recorded signal analysis. Competitive alternatives are significantly slower, offer limited debug support, and lack pre-recorded mode signal analysis. There is only one comprehensive solution for DisplayPort test and debug today and we have it.”

Key features of the new DisplayPort Transmitter solution include:

  • Complete automated compliance testing in less than 7 hours for data rates up to HBR2 and less than 11 hours for data rates up to HBR3
  • A single application for both Standard and Type-C DisplayPort testing.
  • Integrated with switch matrix (Option SWX-DP) for hands free automation
  • Flexible fixture de-embed capabilities using either a default filter file or a custom filter file created using the Tektronix Serial Data Link Analysis (SDLA) application. DisplayPort 1.4 testing requires that a combination of DFE and CTLE filters be applied during HBR3 eye diagram analysis.
  • Seamless transition from compliance testing to debug and full integration with the Tektronix DPOJET DisplayPort 1.4 measurement library. Users can easily dive deeper into failures to perform root cause analysis.
  • Enhanced reporting options to help users generate reports in .html, .mht, .pdf and .csv formats. Reports can be viewed by pass/fail criteria, lanes or data-rates for additional customization options.
  • Support for saving waveforms for offline analysis (in addition to live analysis). Unlike competitive alternatives, the application acquires and saves waveforms during execution and makes them available for detailed offline analysis.

Tektronix also offers DisplayPort Receiver solution supported on their latest BSX BERTScope series that was launched at Design Con 2017. This latest BERTScope series is industry's first 32 Gb/s Protocol-Aware Bit Error Rate Tester and eases 4th Generation Standards Receiver Testing. It Features Built-in De-emphasis, Fast Protocol Handshaking for PCIe 4.0, USB 3.1 Receiver Validation and Troubleshooting


The Tektronix DisplayPort 1.4 Transmitter solution (Option DP14) application is compatible with Tektronix DPO/MSO70000 and DPO70000SX series oscilloscopes. The solution is available now worldwide and can be downloaded from the Tektronix website.

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