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TV Analyzer supports UHD and HEVC

RS ETL TV25 July 2017 - Rohde & Schwarz has added new functionality to its R&S ETL TV analyzer. Starting immediately, a new version is available with integrated, hardware-based video decoding that also supports HEVC and resolutions up to UHD. This makes the R&S ETL fully compatible with the latest DTV installations, including the DVB-T2 network recently implemented in Germany. The analyzer also features a new display and a fast SSD.

The R&S ETL has been successfully deployed for a number of years during the installation, acceptance testing and maintenance of transmitters and transmitter networks. The analyzer measures the quality parameters relevant to analog and digital broadcasting. It can also be used to perform coverage measurements in order to optimize networks and identify sources of error that reduce signal quality. With its broad range of T&M options and capabilites, the R&S ETL currently ranks as a benchmark for realtime TV test receivers.

Rohde & Schwarz has now enhanced the R&S ETL with audio and video decoding functionality for HEVC and AVS/AVS+. This makes the instrument suitable for use in DTV networks, where it carries out detailed, realtime signal analysis and detects all common video codecs. Transmitted videos are output to the analyzer’s integrated display or via an HDMI interface to an external display. UHD is also supported.

The R&S ETL is an all-in-one platform that supports a variety of digital and analog TV and radio standards. It combines the functionality of a video and MPEG-2 transport stream analyzer, an FM sound broadcasting signal analyzer and a generator for analog video and sound broadcasting signals and for MPEG-2 transport streams. The instrument also includes a powerful spectrum analyzer. Its versatile functionality and flexible configuration options make the R&S ETL a universal reference for analyzing TV and sound broadcasting signals. It can be upgraded quickly to meet future requirements, making it a safe investment. A newly integrated 256 Gbyte SSD and a high-contrast display for better legibility further improve performance.

The new R&S ETL TV analyzer version supporting UHD, HEVC and AVS/AVS+ is now available from Rohde & Schwarz.

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