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New Functions for compact Production Tester

Goepel Juliet215 June 2018 - GOEPEL electronic enhanced JULIET, the JTAG/Boundary Scan desktop production tester for electrical assemblies with new functions. They contribute to the further development of safety in production. The new functions also make it possible to program assemblies at high-speed. The table-top test system combines the entire electronic system and the test unit adaption in one complete device.

One new feature is V/I measurements via Power Rail. During tests and programming all supply voltages are constantly monitored and are immediately shutdown if they exceed the user defined limit. The newly developed discharge circuit takes care of the test unit's discharge during and after the test. This means that all production applications, from running simple tests to complete repair stations, can be carried out with significantly more board supply safety.

Another benefit is the newly developed CION-LX module /FXT48A that is integrated into JULIET. This allows full access to the new VarioTAP functions via JTAG, BDM, PIC, SWD, SBW etc. VarioTAP is technology for using design-embedded processors as intelligent control units for universal test and programming operations. The new model enables effective use of the extended functionality and so saves programmer and test time. In addition, JULIET's analogue measurement electronics and internal structures have been redesigned. This gives users more precise measurement results and streamlined test procedures.

 JULIET is a professional JTAG/Boundary Scan Tester. Standard functions include detecting short circuits and breaks, checking external interfaces and testing the application's functions. Assemblies can also be programmed and calibrated with JULIET. The system is ideal for quick prototyping and low to mid-range batch sizes.

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