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Protocol Analyzer supports PAM4 50G-400G Ethernet

TLC SierraNet T32808 August 2018 – Teledyne LeCroy announced the industry’s first trace capture and analysis solution for the 802.3cd and 802.3bs 50/100/200/400GE four-level pulse amplitude modulation (PAM4) Ethernet specifications. With the new NET-T200-P4L-A license to the SierraNet T328, the platform enables higher data rates and enhanced reliability for future-generation data centers and cloud-based services.

Data Centers will be implementing PAM4 fabric in order to reach higher data rates. However, PAM4 signals are more susceptible to errors in noisy environments. To reduce the error rate, systems negotiate transmission parameters that maximize signal quality at the receiver. PAM4 Systems designers are demanding the link-layer analysis capabilities to ensure the negotiation among components is effective.

With the NET-T200-P4L-A license, the SierraNet T328 helps identify and reduce link-interoperability problems between major fabric components such as switches, routers, network interface adapters, servers, and Network Attached Storage (NAS). By capturing and decoding the auto-negotiation and link-training sequences, the SierraNet T328 with the NET-T200-P4L-A license enables network and design engineers to troubleshoot 50GbE through 400GbE connectivity issues today, thereby gaining a time-to-market edge for tomorrow’s data-infrastructure equipment. Teledyne LeCroy’s patented TAP4 passive probing technology enables this PAM4 solution by passing the data stream without interruption. Probes that terminate the signal don’t offer a view into the component to component negotiation sequence.

“By providing real-time trace capture, decode, and analysis of the auto-negotiation and link-training functions, the SierraNet T328 has become the de facto standard for high-speed protocol analysis in development, debug, and test applications,” stated David J. Rodgers, Ethernet and SAN Product Line Manager at Teledyne LeCroy.

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