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dSPACE partners with Radar Specialists miro·sys and ITS

dspace Radar28 January 2019 - dSPACE has entered into an exclusive partnership with miro·sys and Innovative Technical Systems (ITS) for the automotive industry. Both miro·sys and ITS specialize in the development of test systems for radar sensors that dynamically simulate radar echoes over the air. dSPACE will distribute these systems internationally and integrate them into its own product range.

Moreover, the companies agreed on a development cooperation that also covers the acquisition of intellectual property (IP) by dSPACE. The new dSPACE product family includes products for the entire value chain, from testing radar sensors in chip production, to hardware-in-the-loop validation, to end-of-line testing of vehicles by automobile manufacturers. These new products will also be used in homologation and the aftermarket.

Automotive radar sensors are a key technology that facilitates ever more advanced driver assistance functions and autonomous driving because radars can determine the speed and distance of objects in real time and in extreme weather conditions. The key features of the miro·sys and ITS systems are precisely generated echoes, coverage of long distances, and great versatility. This cutting-edge technology gives users a leading edge in the fast validation and market introduction of automotive radar sensors.

dSPACE will market the solutions for testing radar sensors under the product name dSPACE Automotive Radar Test Systems (DARTS).

The dSPACE Automotive Radar Test Systems product family consists of tailor-made solutions for a multitude of applications. From mobile hand-held devices to systems for the laboratory bench and rack systems, various designs are available for test applications in production facilities or development laboratories. The range is supplemented by solutions for stand-alone operation or complex radar test systems that can be used with other simulators and test automation in closed-loop operation. All instruments are modular, scalable, and fully configurable through software, e.g., the number of echoes, detection ranges, target sizes, Doppler frequencies. Additional high-level functions, such as determining interference resistance (norm interferer), characterizing the radar sensor (performance, frequency stability, bandwidth, chirp parameter), and using Euro NCAP-based test scenarios, extend the range of applications.

The stand-alone systems now exclusively available from dSPACE have been successfully used in dSPACE's mechatronic radar test benches for the past two years.

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