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EMI Pre-Compliance Analysis Option for Spectrum Analyzers

27 March 2019 - RIGOL Technologies announced an addition to its UltraReal family of Real-time Spectrum Analyzers with the release of a new integrated EMI Application Mode for EMI Pre-Compliance measurements. RIGOL’s EMI Measurement Application provides a complete EMI Pre-Compliance Solution allowing engineers to measure, compare, analyze, and report on EMI issues throughout their design process.

The EMI Application Mode allows for easy measurement set up. Features like integrated CISPR Bandwidths and Detectors, simple limit line construction, automated multi-segment scan, and up to three simultaneous detectors make it simple to get initial scans and measurements. Advanced capabilities like real-time detector measurements, automated peak/limit searches and simple correction table integration make configuring more complex test environments and analyzing results easier than ever before. In addition, comprehensive setup, storage and report generation capabilities make it easy to document, share, and repeat your tests.

"EMI Pre-Compliance has historically been a very important application area for RIGOL. The amazing price performance of our DSA815 Spectrum Analyzer brought the ability to complete true EMI pre-compliance measurements to an under-served class of customers" says Michael Rizzo, General Manager of RIGOL North America. "The new EMI Application Mode on our RSA family of spectrum analyzers brings more advanced capability and integration to customers trying to understand the EMI characteristics of their design and preparing for full compliance testing."

The EMI Option is available pre or post purchase for either the RSA3000 or RSA5000 series spectrum analyzer as a software enabled option. Either option RSA3000-EMI or RSA5000-EMI has a list price of $999 and is available immediately for purchase.

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