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World’s First Gen-Z Protocol Analyzer and Jammer

TLC Summit M5x12 August 2019 – Teledyne LeCroy announced support for the Gen-Z protocol on the versatile Summit M5x Protocol Analyzer and Jammer system. The Summit M5x is the world’s first platform to support the new Gen-Z specification and the first to offer Gen-Z-compliant jamming test capability.

The Gen-Z protocol employs memory-semantic technology to reduce latencies in accessing shared memory locations and is in the core of a new class of media modules, bridges and switches being designed to optimize performance of data processing in enterprise systems. The Summit M5x is the first test solution to capture, decode and analyze Gen-Z traffic but also is the first to introduce jamming capabilities – the ability to inject errors and manipulate traffic between the Gen-Z requester and responder while remaining within normal operating specifications. Additionally, the Summit M5x can modify, replace, insert, or delete traffic between a Gen-Z requester and responder to verify adherence to design specifications and identify potential errors in protocol behavior. The CATC Trace View in the software application helps users quickly determine how well their devices and systems are performing – even when under stress. These features combine to forge a powerful testing tool for Gen-Z validation and development labs, helping to ensure higher Gen-Z product quality and faster realization of the Gen-Z benefits.

“Efficient testing and validation of Gen-Z devices is essential for successful ecosystem development. Protocol Analyzer and Jammer tools from companies like Teledyne LeCroy are a vital part of the process. We are very happy that test and measurement companies like Teledyne LeCroy are so closely involved at this stage of Gen-Z technology advancement” stated Gen-Z Consortium President, Kurtis Bowman.

“Data Center technologies continue to evolve to increase data rates and reduce latencies, and the Summit M5x is uniquely positioned to assist developers with their designs and testing of these emerging technologies,” said Joe Mendolia, Vice President of Marketing, Protocol Solutions Group,Teledyne LeCroy. “The Summit M5x Protocol Analyzer and Jammer is a true multi-protocol platform as it can be used for standard PCI Express testing as well as the latest in storage-protocol decoding of NVM Express (NVMe) – including the NVMe management technology described in the NVM Express Management Interface (NVMe-MI) protocol specification, SATA Express, SCSI Express, CCIX and now Gen-Z. With Summit M5x’s high-speed, state-of-the-art capture, analysis and jamming capabilities, Teledyne delivers exceptional value to our customers as the industry moves forward with higher-performance systems.”

Key Features of the Summit M5x Protocol Analyzer/Jammer

The Summit M5x Protocol Analyzer/Jammer is a flexible and configurable platform that delivers an extensive set of features including:

  • Monitoring and analysis of emerging high-speed protocols built on the Gen-Z Specification with transmission speeds up to 32 GT/s.
  • Support of Gen-Z over PCIe 4.0 PHY (Based on Gen-Z Physical Layer Specification v1.0) at up to x16 link widths.
  • Probing methodology that eliminates the need for “interposer” type probes to interface with systems under test - ideal for server-based systems that utilize horizontal insertion.
  • Memory buffer configurable to 128 GB - for users requiring long protocol recordings
  • Control through USB, or remotely through 1000-BaseT Ethernet.
  • Synchronization with other high-speed protocol analyzers from Teledyne LeCroy using CrossSync functionality, which enables time‐aligned packet traffic as well as cross triggering from multiple high‐speed serial busses for design, debug, and validation across bridges.


The Summit M5x Gen-Z Protocol Analyzer/Jammer is available for order now.

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