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PAM4 50Gb Ethernet and 64Gb Fibre Channel Protocol Analyzer and Jammer

TLC SierraNet M64826 August 2019 – Teledyne LeCroy announced the SierraNet M648 protocol analysis and traffic impairment system. The SierraNet M648 offers state-of-the-art protocol analysis and jamming for 4 level Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM4) 50G Ethernet and 64G Fibre Channel interconnections.

Support for the higher speed specifications, including both the IEEE 802.3cd Ethernet and the T11 FC-FS-5 (a.k.a. “Gen 7”) Fibre Channel specifications, poses real challenges for designers and integrators of network and cloud systems. The SierraNet M648 protocol analyzer and jammer system can ensure proper equipment operation and efficient network operations across a wide range of configurations and speeds.

“The success of new Fibre Channel technologies, and the deployment of specification compliant products, relies on the ability of the test and measurement community to provide appropriate tools and services across the ecosystem,” said Chris Lyon, Fibre Channel Industry Association Chairman. “We are pleased to know companies such as Teledyne LeCroy are continuing their commitment to the global marketplace and supporting 64Gb Fibre Channel fabrics and applications.”

“The complexity and low noise margins of new storage standards is impacting the delivery of new higher speed network solutions. The SierraNet M648 extends our Storage Area Network (SAN) traffic analysis and test leadership, offering the most flexible, extendible and complete solution for Ethernet and Fibre Channel development and test environments.” said David J. Rodgers, Teledyne LeCroy’s Sr. Product Marketing Manager of Network Tools Solutions.

The SierraNet M648 offers independent, deep packet inspection of events combined with triggering functionality encompassing all physical and logical OSI layers. Our patented non-intrusive line-rate probing provides bit level capture and analysis of the data stream for all Ethernet and Fibre Channel environments. The real-time traffic modification and impairment technology allows for intricate traffic jamming and modification scenarios, including the industries only event timer and counter functions.

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