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AOI Module with AI for Mounting and Assembly Processes

Goepel MultiEyeS plus19 December 2019 - In the search for manufacturing defects, electronics production can make use of artificial intelligence (AI). The MultiEyeS plus from GÖPEL electronic is a new AOI camera module for mounting processes and THT assembly, which allows self-learning, robust classification under changing lighting conditions.

THT assembly and many other assembly processes are still not fully automated. Accordingly, careless mistakes, e.g. due to fatigue, occur more frequently than in automatic processes. A solution to detect such errors immediately would be a high-resolution optical inspection system directly at the assembly station. A scanning or stop-and-go camera system would be hardly technically possible. Changing lighting conditions due to the open assembly environment are a problem as well.

With the MultiEyeS plus, GÖPEL electronic offers a smart automatic optical inspection module for integration into mounting and THT assembly stations that meets the requirements through the consistent use of the latest technologies. The system concept based on multi-camera image acquisition technology enables inspection with outstanding image quality and detail resolution. Thanks to the AI functions used, the system is self-learning and works completely reliably even without light shielding. Real-time monitoring of assembly and placement processes directly at the workplace is therefore completely independent of lighting conditions and ambient conditions.

The MultiEyeS plus camera module provides completeness checking as well as position and
Defect detection of assembled electronics and automotive assemblies. THT components can be checked for presence, correct positioning, polarity and marking (OCR). The module with matrix-like cameras provides high resolution with up to 120 megapixels without any wear and is integrated directly at the assembly station.

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