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Evaluation of Battery Management Systems for Lithium-Ion Battery Packs

hioki bms ss708120 January 2020 - Hioki launched the Battery Cell Voltage Generator SS7081-50. The SS7081-50 is a 12-channel generator and measuring instrument that can easily and accurately evaluate the performance of battery management systems (BMSs) used in lithium-ion battery packs found in electric vehicles (xEVs) and storage batteries (energy storage systems (ESSs) and uninterruptible power systems (UPSs)).

As a simulated battery and voltage generator, the device facilitates performance and safety evaluation by making it possible to efficiently build an environment for testing parameters that would be difficult to reproduce with actual batteries, power supplies, or electronic loads.

In addition, the instrument provides high-precision voltage and current measurement capability so that researchers and developers can evaluate increasingly sophisticated BMS functionality.


The transition to electric powertrains for vehicles is accelerating worldwide against the backdrop of resource constraints and environmental problems. Demand for LIB packs is growing along with the EV market, and R&D programs targeting associated technologies are accelerating.

LIB packs incorporate a system board known as a BMS that monitors and optimally controls the battery. Failure of a BMS to properly monitor its battery will lower the product’s efficiency and prevent it from making full use of the battery’s capacity, for example by allowing excessive discharging to degrade the battery or by preventing adequate charging. Control by BMS boards is particularly important because excessive discharge of LIBs poses serious hazards such as fire and electric shock.

Against this backdrop, development of sophisticated BMS boards that can efficiently and safely control batteries is set to increase in the future, and this trend will likely drive up demand for the ability to easily and accurately evaluate those boards.


  • The ST7081-50 can be used in place of an actual battery, power supply, or electronic load as a simulated battery/voltage generator and simulator.
  • The SS7081-50 delivers high-precision voltage (±0.1% rdg. ±100 μV) and current (±0.07% rdg. ±100 μA) measurement capabilities to make possible more accurate evaluation of increasingly sophisticated BMS boards.
  • The SS7081-50 can simulate wire breaks in the cable that connects the BMS to its battery. Use of actual batteries to evaluate BMS boards poses difficulties such as the need to fabricate specially designed test rigs and safety issues.

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