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Automatic Fixture Changer for Board Testers

CRS AFC27 May 2020 - CRS Prüftechnik GmbH has developed an automatic fixture changing concept for CRS inline test stations. With the AFC (Automatic Fixture Changer) from CRS Prüftechnik it is now possible to carry out a completely automated product change on a test line. Product-specific test adapters for ICT, FKT and Flash applications can be changed fully automatically.

Today's electronics manufacturing usually requires a fully networked and monitored production to meet the needs of the customer. In the modern SMD line, the production of individual products is automated and autonomous. This makes it possible to produce the individual products as far as possible automatically and at the same time to ensure a high throughput. Intelligent setting-up processes, optimized logistics and the corresponding process monitoring mean that product quality remains at the highest level with flexibly varying quantities, without requiring additional manpower.

In line with these requirements for modern electronics production, CRS Prüftechnik GmbH has developed a fully automatic fixture changing concept for inline test stations. This autonomous fixture changing concept was developed based on an AIV (autonomous intelligent vehicle) system with a changing transport vehicle. With the help of this changing concept, it is now possible to exchange inline test adapters for ICT, FKT and Flash applications automatically as part of the general product change in a test line.

When a product change is announced on a production line, an available AIV docks under the adapter change system cart and drives to the corresponding production line. Arriving at the Inline test station, the fully automatic adapter change takes place. The previously used test adapter is removed and a new adapter is integrated into the station. The adapter change and the product setting of the station are completely autonomous by the system. The help of an additional operator is no longer needed. After a successful adapter change by the AFC, the previous adapter is stored in a separate adapter cabinet.

Subsequently, the used AIV system is decoupled from the adapter change system trolley and can be used for further logistics processes. The AFC can be integrated into all inline test stations of CRS Prüftechnik GmbH. The basis for the test adapter is a CRS inline adapter.

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