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Network Interface for Automotive Ethernet and CAN/CAN FD

Vector VN562028 May 2020 – Vector presented the VN5620 as a compact interface for analysis, simulation, andtesting tasks for automotive Ethernet networks and CAN/CAN FD. This interface enables users to benefit from a wide variety of possible uses like Ethernet monitoring, remaining bus simulation, media conversion and direct access to individual ports.

The VN5620 is a compact and powerful interface for Ethernet networks and CAN/CAN FD. With this interface, the developer can cover a broad range of application areas. Ethernet monitoring, for example, ensures a transparent connection between two nodes with a precise time stamp. Free hardware configuration options make it possible for users to design an existing bus simulation with CANoe .Ethernet. The VN5620 also features media conversion functions and a data link between 100BASE-T1/1000BASE-T1 and the 100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T physical layer. The VN5620 enables testers to access each port individually. This makes it possible for the user to test several identical systems on a test bench and perform vehicle diagnostics.

The flexible configuration options of the VN5620 make it easier for the user to handle high data rates. Testers can implement different test requirements by connecting different segmentation types together. Saving configurations on the VN5620 enables device configurations to be quickly restored. This can also be activated without a PC connection. Users can utilize the VN5620 either as a network interface or an expansion device for the VN8914. VN8914 is modularly designed high-performance interface hardware with a variety of different channel combinations for CAN, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay, J1708 and the K-Line from Vector.

The VN5620 is flexible in use. The user can utilize the interface both at the office and on test benches, as the temperature and voltage ranges have been designed accordingly for these purposes.

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