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Goepel-OptiCon_BasicLine_1M-4MParallelisation of Boundary Scan and AOI improves Throughput and Test Execution

03 June 2011 - AOI systems of GOEPEL electronic include integrated Boundary Scan hardware and software providing the opportunity of parallel executing both test methods. The result is the benefit of increased flexibility because both electronic and optical test technologies can be freely combined on one platform.

Users could save a complete process step – for instance a separate programming station – in the test and manufacturing process, reducing manufacturing time and associated costs to produce fully assembled PCBs. Furthermore, the parallelisation of optical and electronic test methods increases test coverage towards the ideal 100%. In addition, the full debug functionalities are maintained.

A complete electronic test run by means of Boundary Scan typically takes single figure seconds. The cycle time of an optical test is somewhat higher. That’s why it is more appropriate to complement the Boundary Scan test program by one or several programming sequences. For example, a boot loader can be programmed or an FPGA configured.

The integration offers further time advantage as the Boundary Scan technology is able to test and program up to eight units under test (UUT) at the same time. In addition to the economic benefits, a significant increase in test quality is the result of the combination between AOI and Boundary Scan.

The integration can be modularly extended by existing technologies such as VarioTAP or ChipVORX, i.e. all standardised test and programming technologies like IEEE 1149.x or IEEE 1532 as well as additional methods such as processor emulation tests, high-speed I/O, protocol based interface tests, analogue tests and chip embedded instrumentation are supported.

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