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Teradyne and ASSET collaborate on Boundary-Scan Board Test

03 October 2011 - ASSET InterTech and Teradyne have collaborated to integrate the boundary-scan test capabilities of ASSET's ScanWorks platform for embedded instruments into Teradyne's Di-Series of high-performance digital test instrument hardware. This will bring ScanWorks  extensive boundary-scan test and device programming tools to large-scale military/aerospace ATE systems like the Teradyne Spectrum 9100, the Lockheed Martin LM-STAR " and others where Di-Series instruments are extensively deployed.

"This opens the door for JTAG test and in-system device programming on large functional ATE systems in military/aerospace applications where boundary scan can provide a robust set of solutions," said Kent Zetterberg, ASSET's product manager for ScanWorks boundary-scan test tools. "With ScanWorks' boundary-scan capabilities a circuit board manufacturer can reduce tests costs significantly. Tests developed by a supplier on a benchtop ScanWorks system during a system's design phase can be re-used in manufacturing and even later on ATE systems in repair and maintenance depots."

"Our users have asked for the capability of using boundary-scan execution and debugging software tools such as ScanWorks with their existing Teradyne Di-Series digital instruments which are already connected to their units-under-test," said Peter Hansen, instrumentation product manager for Teradyne. "This integration effort provides compatibility with existing boundary-scan tests by using the same runtime software on large-scale ATE as is used in the laboratory."

ScanWorks was integrated into the Di-Series through Teradyne's new Boundary Scan Runtime Library, a software facility that gives access to the Di-Series hardware through an application programming interface. As a result of the integration, the ScanWorks boundary-scan tools are able to test a circuit board through the high-speed communications channels on a Di-Series instrument. These channels connect ScanWorks to the boundary-scan Test Access Port on the circuit board that's being tested.

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