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productronica11_logo_rgbMIRTEC: Extensive Range of AOI and SPI Systems

09 November 2011 – MIRTEC will present a comprehensive range of 3D AOI, SPI and LED technologies at their Booth # 377, Hall A2 at Productronica. Mirtec will exhibit the MV-7 Series 2D/3D In-Line AOI Machine with 15 Mega Pixel ISIS Vision System combined with MIRTEC’s Exclusive 3D Multi-Frequency Quad Moiré Technology.

Mirtec’s MV-7 Series In-Line AOI Machine offers advanced 15 Mega Pixel Digital Color Camera Technology which provides the ultimate inspection performance and speed. The optional Side Viewer Camera System provides enhanced inspection capability through the addition of four Side View Digital Color Cameras. Mirtec’s combination of unique 15Mega pixel cameras and Moiré 3D technology sets an unmatchable standard for SMT inspection.

Mirtec’s will also be exhibiting the latest Benchtop enhancement, which is their industry-leading MV-3 AOI System utilizing the unique ISIS camera configuration. The system offers one Top-Down and four angled 10 Mega Pixel cameras with the award-winning Intelli-Beam Laser option, this offers an unrivalled benchtop specification.

The MIRTEC MS-11 In-Line SPI System uses Shadow Free Moiré Phase Shift Imaging Technology and ‘Phase Stepping Image Processing’ to inspect solder paste deposition on PCB’s post-screen print.  Far superior to laser SPI technology, the MS-11 will inspect for insufficient solder, excessive solder, shape deformity, shift of deposition and bridging. The MS-11 is configured with an ultra-high-resolution 15 Mega Pixel Camera for enhanced image quality, superior accuracy and high volume speed capability. Image processing based on the Moiré phase shift method is by far the most precise way of post-print solder paste profile inspection. This method projects light in grid or stripe patterns on the solder paste depot. The light pattern is being moved step by step along the depot and a downward looking high resolution CCD camera acquires the resulting images. The MS-11 uses a “shadow-free” construction where both sides of the solder paste depot are being inspected at the same time.

MV-7SB LED BLU & LIGHT Specialized 2- & 3-D Vision Inspector — MIRTEC’s unique 2- and 3-D inspection technology of BLU AOI, optimized with a 15 Mega Pixel high-speed CMOS Main Camera with compound telecentric lens and 3-D Multi-Frequency moiré, offers precision height measurement of LEDs.

Main functions of the MV-7SB include LED alignment that auto inspects the alignment of all LED on BLU array, LED pitch inspection, which auto measures the distance between the center of LEDs. A LED Offset Measure measures ΔX /ΔY/ΔΘ of the LEDs. Also included is the LED Shift Inspection that features intuitive display of precise measurements, LED cold/over solder, inspection that detects insufficient, over soldering and even cold soldering of LEDs as well as color inspection by red, green and blue light. All data can be saved in a variety of formats including HTML, TXT, JPEG and EXCEL.

The unique LED inspection system is able to detect LED appearance defects, missing components, wrong components, cold/ insufficient/excessive solder, lift-leads, bridges, breakage, Manhattans, solder balls, turnovers, LED lifts, connector lifts, foreign components, LED aligns and LED angles.

MIRTEC also will have multimedia information available in the booth describing its other comprehensive inspection technologies including:

MV-7XP — Implementing 2-D inspection for detection coverage of all failures in the LED Package, the MV-7XP utilizes a 15 Mega Pixel Camera, telecentric compound lenses and high brightness blue LED lighting that offers deep, precise resolution and vision quality to detect chips, wires, bonding, voids and bubbles.

MV-7UP — This is a 3-D LED Package specialized dispensing inspector that offers epoxy 3-D height measurement by laser, as well as detecting faults such as voids, bubbles, foreign materials, overflow, underflow, package tilt, ink, front defects and broken  packages. Like MIRTEC’s other systems, the MV-7UP uses the company’s unique 15 Mega Pixel camera, telecentric compound lenses and high brightness blue LED lighting.

LED Light Tester — A LED BLU ARRAY specialized inspector, this LED light/current tester system tests while the current flows through a LED array. The system is able to monitor brightness, uniformity and chromaticity while providing statistical data management.

LED Specialized Inspector — The LED Specialized Inspector measures the voltage through LED arrays, checks voltage levels and automatically marks any failed LEDs. As an additional benefit, a full data report is created for each batch.

Mirtec will be conjoined with their German distribution partner, pb tec, during Productronica 2011 in Hall A2 Booth #377.

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