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Teradyne introduces PXI functional Expansion Board

30 November 2011 – Teradyne introduces the PXI Functional Expansion Board for their TestStation family of In-Circuit Test systems. The PXI Functional Expansion Board is an integrated PXI/ICT solution, allowing manufacturers to add value-adding functional test capabilities to their ICT system, without growing the tester footprint or increasing equipment floor space.

“Teradyne’s PXI Functional Expansion Board will provide a new cost-effective way for manufacturers to utilize our high-quality Series 61 PXI solutions for CAN and LIN, and maximize their total test coverage.”

“TestStation systems with the PXI Functional Expansion Board can perform value-added functional, compliance and system testing procedures on one system, rather than having them performed at separate stations on the production line as is usually required,” said Bobby Griffis, marketing director for Teradyne’s Commercial Board Test Group. “Significant operational savings can be achieved through reduced fixture and handling costs, fewer test operators, faster beat rates and overall greater system utilization.”

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