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Boonton-4240RF Power Measurements from -70dBm to + 44dBm

02 November 2010 - Boonton, a Wireless Telecom Group Company, introduces its new 4240 Power Meter Series. The 4240 series power meters are the successors of the well known Boonton 4230 series. The new 4240 is fully backwards compatible and can be paired with all available Boonton CW diode and Thermocouple sensors.

The 4240 series is offered as one channel (4241) or two channel (4242) instrument. Both meters come with an integrated calibrator that provides an ultra-stable, 50-MHz reference signal, and deliver a calibration power range from -60dBm to +20dBm. A built-in calibrator allows sensor calibrations right before the measurement providing highest measurement accuracy. Power measurements are displayed with five-digit resolution or bar graph.

4240 series allows RF power measurements from -70dBm to + 44dBm with a maximum dynamic range of 90dB (sensor dependent). The frequency range is 10kHz to 40GHz for RF power measurements, and 10Hz to 1.2GHz for voltage measurements (optional). Supported measurement units are dBm, watts, dBr and volts (optional). Rapid display update rates allow convenient operation with tuning applications. The measurement speed of the 4240 series is 200 / 100 (4241/4242) readings per second.

SCPI command set or available Lab VIEW® drivers for both the 4241 and 4242 power meters allow simple integration in automatic test equipment (ATE) systems. Furthermore, the 4240 series emulates HP437, HP438 and legacy Boonton 4220A / 4230A meters. Both the 4241 and 4242 instruments can be remote controlled via standard RS-232 or IEEE-488 interfaces.

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