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3D and Multi-Camera Vision System

Cognex-VC525 September 2014 - Cognex announced a complete machine-vision solution that makes developing, deploying and maintaining 3D and multi-camera 2D applications easier than ever. Together, the easy-to-use Cognex Designer software, powerful VC5 vision controller, 3D laser displacement sensors, and new Cognex Industrial Camera (CIC) models address the most demanding 3D profiling and high-performance multi-camera applications.

The VC5 vision controller comes pre-installed with Cognex Designer software, a complete development environment that handles vision-task configuration, factory communications, and runtime user interface design. The drag-and-drop graphical interface makes configuring Cognex’s library of industry-leading 2D and 3D vision tools much simpler. With 30 plus years of machine-vision experience, the company has also added a rich set of system features including built-in user access levels, real-time alarms, localizable interfaces, and SQL database logging.

"The combination of Cognex Designer software, industrial vision controller, 3D displacement sensors, and new CIC models will allow our customers to quickly create and deploy robust and easily maintainable multi-camera and 3D solutions, while dramatically reducing the development cycle,” says Joerg Kuechen, Vice President and Business Unit Manager, Vision Products.

“The VC5 Vision Controller is powered by a high-performance dual-core CPU and features a dedicated real-time subsystem for factory floor communication protocols (Ethernet/IP, PROFINET) and precision I/O. It connects directly to up to four DS1000 series 3D laser displacement sensors or Cognex GigE Vision area scan and linescan cameras. Designed with OEM components, it is intended for a minimum three-year availability.

The 3D sensor range has been expanded to address an unprecedented variety of 3D applications demanding higher resolution and larger field-of-view. For standard image acquisition, the CIC portfolio offers a large selection of cameras that combine high performance in a small form factor. New models include 4k GigE Vision line scan, 60 frames/second 2 megapixel (MP) area scan, and a 4 MP color camera.

Cognex Designer provides full graphical and programmatic access to 3D Tools for inspecting height, volume, tilt angles, and cross section, plus the comprehensive VisionPro 2D tool library, including PatMax, IDMax, and OCRMax.

The VC5 Vision Controller, Cognex Designer, DS1000 3D laser displacement sensors, and Cognex Industrial Cameras are available now.

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