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Dual Attenuator Module for optical Test System

07 October 2014 - Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Corporation announced the release of the AQ2200-342 Dual Attenuator module for the AQ2200 multi-application test system. The AQ2200-342 is ideal for the production line testing and inspection of optical transceivers, optical amplifiers, and transmission systems that are essential components of optical communications networks.

Due to the rapid adoption of technologies such as the Internet, smartphones, and digital terrestrial TV that necessitate the high-speed transmission of large volumes of data, there is increasing demand for optical transmission systems, and the optical transceivers and optical amplifiers that are used in these transmission systems. The systems used for testing and inspecting these devices are equipped with an optical attenuator that can adjust the level of the optical signal used to measure the input characteristics of a device. To improve production efficiency, multiple optical attenuators are required to enable the simultaneous inspection of more than one device or multiple ports on a single device. And to save space, there is a need to simplify the testing system configuration. To meet these requirements, Yokogawa Meters & Instruments developed the AQ2200-342.

Product Features

The AQ2200-342 module features two optical attenuators, yet occupies just one slot in the test system. For the simultaneous testing and inspection of multiple devices or multiple ports on a single device, this simplifies system configuration and saves space.

Although the AQ2200-342 has two optical attenuators, it sells at nearly the same price as our current single-channel high-performance model, effectively halving the price per attenuator. This is accomplished by using optical attenuators with specifications that support only the essential functions required for the production line testing and inspection of optical transceivers, amplifiers, and other devices. To give our customers a wider range of choices, Yokogawa will continue to offer the high-performance model.

Main specifications

  • Optical attenuation: 0 to 40 dB
  • Wavelength range: 1260 to 1640 nm
  • Accuracy of optical attenuation: ±0.15 dB

Compared to the existing high-performance model, adjustment of the optical signal level is ten times faster with the AQ2200-342. For example, it takes just about 0.1 seconds to reduce the optical signal level by 20 dB. This speeds up testing and inspection and enhances productivity.

About the AQ2200 Series Multi-application Test System

 To evaluate optical characteristics when developing and manufacturing optical transmission systems, several components are needed: light sources, optical switches for changing the path of optical signals, variable optical attenuators, and optical power meters. The AQ2200 multi-application test system accommodates a variety of plug-in modules that perform all of these functions. Users can combine these modules to configure a measurement system that meets their particular evaluation requirements.

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