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8-in-1 USB-powered Test Instrument

AnalogArts SF88009 May 2016 - The Analog Arts SF880 is an 8-in-1 complete USB-powered test instrument. It includes an oscilloscope, a frequency response analyzer, a spectrum analyzer, a data recorder, an AWG function generator, a frequency and phase meter, a logic analyzer, and a pattern generator. This compact device has been developed for professionals with a limited budget. Audio and system engineers , and researchers can also benefit from the many features of the instruments.

The oscilloscope offers a bandwidth of 1 GHz, and a real sampling rate of up to 250 MHz (125 MHz/channel) with an effective sampling rate of 100 GHz. The frequency response analyzer performs both gain and phase analysis for frequencies of up to 150 Mhz with a dynamic range of better than 100 dB in the audio range. The AWG generates over 25 standard functions with frequencies of up to 150 MHz. Arbitrary wave-forms can also be generated with sampling rates of 1 to 125 MHz and memory depths of 1 to 64K. Its graphical editor makes generation of any signal seamless. The logic analyzer and the pattern generator of SF880 feature a complete protocol analyzer, a powerful pattern generator editor, and an intuitive interface.

The family has a price range of $640 to $920.

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