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Deep Learning-Based Image Analysis Software

Cognex VisionproSW09 July 2018 - Cognex announced the worldwide availability of VisionPro ViDi, deep learning-based image analysis software optimized for factory automation. VisionPro ViDi combines artificial intelligence with Cognex’s industry-leading VisionPro machine vision software to solve manufacturing’s most challenging applications.

Manufacturers often perform complex inspections manually due to unpredictable defects and deviations that are too difficult to program and maintain using traditional machine vision. VisionPro ViDi combines human visual inspection capabilities with the reliability, repeatability, and speed of an automated system to solve applications that have previously been difficult to automate.

ViDi expands VisionPro’s core library of location, inspection, and classification tools with a new deep learning-based optical character recognition capability. The new ViDi OCR tool reads standard text without complex font training. For the first time, many challenging date and lot codes and embossed or etched text can be read reliably in an industrial environment.

“VisionPro users around the world can now use advanced artificial intelligence in their factories,” said Joerg Kuechen, Senior Vice President of Vision Products at Cognex Corporation. “If humans can learn to inspect products, VisionPro ViDi can too. Plus, VisionPro ViDi can be trained in just minutes with as few as 50 images.”

Cognex VisionPro ViDi is available now.

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