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Counter Quantum Analyzer for Parallel Readout of 10 Qubits

ZI quantum landscape22 November 2018 - Zurich Instruments launched the UHFQA Quantum Analyzer for multi-qubit readout in ambitious quantum computing projects. The UHFQA measures the state of 10 qubits simultaneously with state-of-the-art speed, fidelity, and innovative signal crosstalk suppression techniques. In dual-sideband operation, a frequency span up to 1.2 GHz is covered. Now, the combination of UHFQA and the HDAWG Arbitrary Waveform Generator forms a complete solution for multi-qubit control and measurement in the baseband.

The UHFQA consists of a dual-channel 14-bit arbitrary waveform generator and a dual-channel signal acquisition and analysis unit, both running at a 1.8 GSa/s rate. The analysis unit contains 10 configurable digital filters, each 4 kSamples long, allowing for precise matching to a given qubit transient response. Such a matched filter can significantly improve SNR and readout time compared with unweighted signal integration. Crosstalk suppression by a fully configurable 10 x 10 matrix multiplication allows faithful readout, even as the system size increases. The 32-bit DIO interface enables low-latency transmission of the multi-qubit state for quantum error correction. The UHFQA comes with LabOne software for configuration and measurement. APIs for Python, LabVIEW, MATLAB, and .NET support rapid integration into specialized software environments like QuCoDeS.


The UHFQA is used in demanding quantum computing applications with superconducting and spin qubits.

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