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Real-Time Remote Analyzer for Signals from 8 kHz to 8 GHz

Narda SignalShark Remote basic07 February 2019 – Narda Safety Test Solutions released an equivalent remote-controlled version of its SignalShark at an attractive price/performance ratio. This new Real-Time Remote Analyzer detects and analyzes, classifies and localizes RF signals in the frequency range between 8 kHz and 8 GHz to the highest degree of precision and reliability.

It has been modified and optimized for universal applications requiring efficient, centrally-controlled monitoring of systems, the components of which may be widely spaced and spread out over a large area. The module solves complex measurement and analysis problems, thanks to its high RF performance (i.e. super sensitivity, yet with high immunity to overmodulation), ITU compliance, reliability, and speed.

Key specifications

Within its 40 MHz real-time bandwidth, the SignalShark Remote Module is capable of detecting even brief pulsed signals with a duration of as little as 3.125 µs with 100% POI (probability of intercept), i.e., without any gaps. It can output an impressive 20 MHz stream of I/Q data with full 16-bit resolution compliant with the VITA 49 standard. Additionally, the scan rate of up to 50 GHz/s in “Spectrum Mode” ensures that signals are rapidly captured, even across large frequency bands. The definitive analysis functions (real-time spectrum, spectrogram, and persistence) enable all captured signals to be analyzed at an exceptionally high resolution of both time and frequency. With respect to its key specifications, the new module is in no way inferior to the powerful handheld device from which it was derived.

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