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Subpixel Metrology for mLED and AR/VR Displays

IS Blue Pixel03 May 2019 – At Display Week Exhibition in San Jose, CA / USA from May 14 - 16 Instrument Systems GmbH will present an ultra-high resolution version of the LumiTop, known as a spectrally enhanced imaging colorimeter with unprecedented accuracy for high speed 2D measurements.

mLEDs are a strong candidate for the realization of very high display resolutions with pixel sizes as small as 10 µm and equally small pixel pitches. A higher resolution means that imaging light measurement devices must advance accordingly.

Within its LumiTop series, Instrument Systems developed an ultra-high resolution camera with an extraordinary technical design and outstanding measuring portfolio for unprecedented accuracy and high speed 2D measurements. In the Innovation-Zone of the Display Week Exhibition the light measuring device will be presented in an application for display testing in production lines where tact times are extremely short. At Instrument Systems GmbH booth #1528 the LumiTop is showcased with a head-mounted display to be measured as innovative AR/VR display application.

The ultra-high resolution LumiTop model merges a 150 megapixel camera with the high-end spectroradiometer CAS 140D. Using the extremely accurate spectral information of the CAS 140D measurements as live reference guarantees spectroradiometric test accuracy across the whole image of the camera. The resolution of 150 megapixels thereby allows (sub-)pixel level analysis of complete displays in one single shot. This measurement device is thus perfect for very fast and accurate quality control and pixel calibration of OLEDs or mLED displays in production lines. Many different test applications can be organized in a single test station, as, e.g., the evaluation of display uniformity, pixel defects, white balance, color gamut, contrast ratio or the measurement of intensity modulations. Notably, the LumiTop can be equipped with a fast photometer for flicker or luminance modulation measurements.

For mixed reality technologies (AR/VR) the LumiTop is the perfect system in R&D labs. These innovative display applications require more, i.e. smaller pixels with higher fill factors. Luminance and color variations between pixels and subpixels are likely and strongly influence the visual quality of displays. Augmented reality glasses or virtual reality head-mounted displays are close-fitting to the observer’s eye. Thus, screen-door effects and pixel non-uniformities are easily visible and disturbing to the consumer. To meet this high standard Instrument Systems developed the LumiTop series. An integrated pixel shift mechanism suppresses de-mosaicing artifacts by true full color measurements and even provides increased resolution of 600 megapixels. The product is integrated in Instrument Systems’ comprehensive new software „LumiSuite”, which comes with a user-friendly GUI for laboratory applications and a powerful software development kit allowing an easy implementation into any production line.

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