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Millimeter Wave Noise Sources for Over-the-Air Testing of 5G Devices

Noisecom NC5000A08 May 2019 - Noisecom introduced the NC5000A Wave Guide noise sources for millimeter wave noise figure measurement. This next generation of wave guide noise sources provides high stability and higher performance than the previous generation in a smaller, lighter form factor. Reliably measuring noise figure of a communication system is critical especially with the shift to the higher frequencies and data rates of 5G.

"Noise figure is a key performance parameter for any RF or millimeter wave component or system," said Dr. Lee McMillan, Director of Engineering. "As communication data rates and operating frequencies increase for 5G applications, systems are even more sensitive to signal-to-noise degradation on the communication links and we designed the NC5000A to provide system designers high confidence that what is designed in the lab will be able to operate in the field."

The NC5000A covers the frequency range from 18 GHz to 110 GHz in standard waveguide bands WR42, WR28, WR22, WR15, WR12 and WR10. The new NC5000A wave guide noise sources, along with the broad range of other noise sources developed by Noisecom are playing a significant role in millimeter wave test systems and 5G communications. With the ability to extend up to 110 GHz, Noisecom is demonstrating its innovation and readiness for future testing requirements in wireless communications.

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