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Dual Channel Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators

BKP 406020 February 2020 - B&K Precision released its 4060B Series Dual Channel Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators consisting of 40 MHz, 80 MHz, and 120 MHz models. These generators produce stable and precise sine, square, triangle, pulse and arbitrary waveforms with 16-bit vertical resolution. The dual architecture design combines the cost-saving benefits of DDS and true point-by-point arbitrary performance to meet a wide range of applications.

A sample rate of up to 300 MSa/s in DDS mode or 75 MSa/s in true arbitrary mode, allows users to create high-fidelity custom arbitrary waveforms with up to 8 million points in length without skipping data points.

The convenient touchscreen display simplifies configuration and control over many features including sweep, burst, and waveform modulation functions. Other standard features include a built-in frequency counter and 10 MHz reference clock input/output to synchronize multiple instruments.

On the rear panel, standard USB (USBTMC-compliant) and LAN interfaces can be connected to a PC for remote control and programming. Application software is provided for creating and storing custom arbitrary waveforms directly into the generator's internal memory. The USB host port on the front panel allows users to save arbitrary waveforms and instrument setups on a flash drive, or connect the optional USB-to-GPIB adapter for GPIB connectivity.

Starting at $995, this series is backed by a 3-year standard warranty.

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