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Programmable AC Power Source delivers up to 6,000VA

eec EAL500001 October 2020 - Extech Electronics Co. (EEC) introduced an all-new generation EAL-5000 series programmable AC power source. The series comes with various output capacity and performance packages, which makes it an ideal solution for manufacturers, automatic test systems, quality assurance, and service departments. EAL-5000 series offers a wide power range from 500VA to 6,000VA.

The advanced high power density technology establishes ultimate compactness. Fitting up to 3kVA of power into a standard 2U size and 6kVA into standard 4U size rack mount. The compact size design does not compromise in performance. The mechanical design keeps the instrument cool and quiet.

The EAL-5000 series rich features ensure ultimate safety, quality, and efficiency. The series offers an output of AC, DC, or AC+DC voltage up to 310VAC with a frequency up to 1,200Hz. So it is capable of simulating all-kinds of global power distribution conditions. Power simulation features include generating voltage fluctuations, dips, interruptions, and various harmonics waveform. Meeting the specific IEC 61000 standard pre-compliance tests. Further, customers can set up, monitor, and operate remotely via PowerTRAC software. The series provides commonly used communicating interfaces includes USB, LAN, BNC, and GPIB. Allows companies to generate valuable datasets for future analysis.

"Today, the technologies used in any industry are far more advanced. Yet, not all the world power distribution is up to date. It is difficult to ensure electrical products are sustainable under harsh power conditions. Also, industries need a clean power source to ensure their quality meets international standards. As complexity in the use of power source. We often saw unsuitable instruments used in different job functions within a company. Which lead inconsistency results, time-consuming adjustments, and raise the total cost of ownership." said Aaron Yeh, EEC Vice General Manager. "The EAL-5000 Series is the answer to these. With AC, DC, or AC+DC output, meeting the latest electronics power usage. The series designed with three upgradeable packages. With professional packages designed for R&D facility, perform global power simulations. Advanced package for manufacturing testing stations, powering with the safety testers to ensure quality meeting international standards. The standard package for simple basic services. Same machine meeting the needs within the product development cycle with consistent results. Moreover, the series available in 6 various capacity models, from 500VA to 6,000VA. Makes a total of 18 machines available for industries' horizontal and vertical applications.”

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