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LeCroy_HRO_6Zi-VerticalFirst 12-bit Oscilloscope for General Purpose Market

02 May 2011 – LeCroy Corporation introduces a new line of 12-bit resolution WaveRunner oscilloscopes, the WaveRunner HRO 6 Zi (High Resolution Oscilloscope) with 400 MHz (HRO 64 Zi) and 600 MHz (HRO 66 Zi) models. The WaveRunner HRO features an industry leading 12-bit Analog to Digital Convertor (ADC), deep memory of up to 256 Mpts/ch with 64 Mpts/ch standard, and superior DC accuracy specifications.

These features are in addition to the extensive analysis capabilities of the WaveRunner 6 Zi Series (400 MHz to 4 GHz) which was successfully launched in February 2011. Designed for the medical, automotive, and electro-mechanical markets, the WaveRunner HRO has higher resolution and greater measurement precision than 8-bit alternatives. Traditional oscilloscopes use 8-bit ADCs to digitize the data, which is not precise enough for applications that require viewing signals with both a large and small voltage component. The reduced noise and improved resolution of the 12-bit ADC architecture provides finer measurement accuracy and better waveform clarity. This can be seen with the superb 55 dB signal-to-noise-ratio (SNR) and ± 0.5% DC vertical gain accuracy; four times more precise than 8-bit oscilloscopes.

The 256 Mpts/ch deep memory capability permits long acquisitions to capture 30 seconds of data sampled at 10 MS/s, or shorter capture times with the highest resolution at 2 GS/s. This performance is augmented by a huge offset and timebase delay adjustment to allow easy signal and amplifier performance assessment and zooming on vertical and horizontal signal characteristics.

In addition, LeCroy provides a pivoting display that permits viewing signals vertically as well as horizontally to obtain more detail for optimal analysis. This is an advantage particularly when viewing up to 36 channels using the mixed signal option, when operating in the frequency domain using the spectrum analysis package, or when viewing decoded waveforms using the vast selection of tools focused on the embedded and communications markets.

The comprehensive toolset includes a wide range of application packages, advanced triggering to isolate events, a user interface developed for quick and easy navigation, a wide range of probing options, and lightning-fast performance to validate designs, debug errors at board bring up, and characterize an embedded system.

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