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Signal Generator for Avionics Waveforms

Aeroflex--SGA15 June 2011 — Following in the footsteps of the Aeroflex industry-standard 2030 Series avionics signal generator, Aeroflex announces the addition of popular avionics waveforms to its S-Series signal generator family. All avionics authorities (civil or military), airfields, airframe manufacturers, aircraft systems manufacturers, and military sub-contractors use avionics-specific signal generators to test important navigation functions.

The Aeroflex SGA analog signal generator with Option 6 adds internal generation of waveforms required for testing avionics functions. The new option includes waveforms for Instrument Landing Systems (ILS), VHF Omni-directional Radio (VOR), marker beacons, and COM ID tones for airport identification. Avionics parameters are presented in the same form as described in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards.

The SGA with Option 6 offers an ideal single instrument solution for testing avionics receivers and airfield alarm monitors. Digitally generated modulating waveforms ensure excellent accuracy and stable performance under all operating conditions.

ILS guides the aircraft’s approach to the runway by receiving highly accurate signals. ILS indicates to the pilot if the aircraft is too high or low, or too far to the left or right, ensuring the aircraft remains on-course for a safe landing. VOR is used by aircraft for in-flight navigation; it indicates the bearing to or from fixed beacons located on the ground. Marker beacons indicate to the pilot the distance of the aircraft from the end of the runway. Avionics tests require a signal generator with excellent modulation integrity to test the airborne navigation receivers and alarm monitors.

About the S-Series signal generator family

Aeroflex S-Series RF signal generator family offers simplicity, portability, modularity, and RF performance at an attractive price. The range of instruments was designed from the ground up to meet the expectations of today’s engineers for instant answers at the touch of a screen. Buttons, rotary controls, and deeply nested software menus have all been removed. The first in the series is the Aeroflex SGA analog RF signal generators.

The SGA is a high specification analog RF signal generator that is a reliable and repeatable signal source solution for general-purpose, aerospace, and military test applications in laboratory, factory, and field environments. The intuitive LCD touch screen interface allows modulated or swept RF signals to be set up using fewer keystrokes than required by traditional soft key models, thus saving the engineer’s time and reducing the risk of error.

A modular format, featuring the new Aerolock locking mechanism, allows additional RF instruments such as a second signal generator and combiner to be mechanically coupled externally by the user.

Price and availability

The Aeroflex SGA is currently available in two models: the SGA 3, which has an operating frequency range of 100 kHz – 3 GHz, and the SGA 6 covering 100 kHz – 6 GHz. Pricing for the SGA series starts at U.S. $11,605. Option 6 is available for  U.S. $ 3,693.

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