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Tektronix-HV-probesTektronix expands High Voltage Probe Offerings

13 January 2012 – Tektronix announced four new high-voltage probes and significant upgrades to three existing probe offerings.  No high voltage probes on the market today can match the combination of bandwidth, dynamic range and input impedance characteristics provided by the new THDP, TMDP and P52XXA series probes.
“With our new high voltage probe offerings, we are providing the industry leading probing solutions that meet the measurement challenges posed by new and emerging power technologies,” said Roy Siegel, General Manager Oscilloscopes at Tektronix. “These probes lead the industry with improved bandwidth, improved noise levels and dynamic range, and offer superior loading characteristics along with improved safety. In fact, the new TMDP0200 probe is the best probing choice for medium voltage applications due to its lower attenuation settings and superior signal-to-noise ratio.”
Power measurement requirements are becoming increasingly challenging in a broad range of applications such as electric and hybrid automobiles, industrial applications, lighting, solar energy, and computer servers. These new power technologies require next-generation probe solutions that can effectively measure both the high and low voltage components of signals. The new Tektronix high voltage probes meet these requirements across three main dimensions:
Higher bandwidths – Today’s power supply designs are using faster switching devices such as IGBTs.   Higher bandwidth probes, such as the new THDP0200 and TMDP0200 with the capability of capturing signals with fast slew rates, make it easier for designers to accurately measure these newer designs.
Higher dynamic range at comparable bandwidths -- In addition to industry leading bandwidth, Tektronix has also improved the dynamic range capability of its new high voltage probe offerings allowing designers to measure high voltage signals and the associated noise and ripple components with the same probe.  The THDP0100 has the largest dynamic range with +/-6000 V differential and common mode specifications.
Less probe loading – When a probe is connected to a circuit it has the potential of altering the circuit’s behavior and masking potential problems.  The new probe offerings minimize this problem by providing the highest resistive and lowest capacitive loading available on a HV probe. For instance the upgraded P5210A and the new THDP0100 both offer 40 MΩ of resistance and <2.5 pF capacitive loading.
The TMDP and THDP connect to Tektronix oscilloscopes through the TekVPI (Tektronix Versatile Probe Interface) architecture used on most Tektronix mid-range oscilloscopes. Versatility and ease-of-use are the hallmarks of TekVPI™ probe designs, enabled by intelligent bi-directional oscilloscope to probe communication. To maximize user safety in high voltage applications, all of the new probes are compliant with EN61010-031 requirements.
New and Upgraded Probe Models
New models include the THDP0100, THDP0200 and TMDP0200 probes.  The P5202A is another new model which offers lower attenuation and improved signal to noise ratio.  The upgraded probe models include the P5200A, P5205A and P5210A probes. 
Availability & Pricing
The new and upgraded probes are available now globally. The TMDP0200 has a starting price of 1520 Euro and the P5200A has a starting price of 808 Euro.

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