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Automated Test Routine for Validating MIPI D-PHY Designs

17 August 2010 – Tektronix, Inc. expanded its support for MIPI® (Mobile Industry Processor Interface) Standards with the release of Option D-PHYTX on the TekExpress platform which offers the industry’s first simplified one-button solution for the latest D-PHY specification across a preliminary set of measurements.

The MIPI D-PHY specification defines a re-usable, scalable physical layer for interfacing various components such as cameras and display panels to baseband processors in next generation smartphones, tablets and other portable devices. Transmitter validation for D-PHY designs requires accurate jitter and timing analysis to the latest specifications coupled with minimal testing times. Option D-PHYTX points the way to faster, more efficient D-PHY transmitter conformance testing, characterization and design verification.

“The emergence of MIPI D-PHY solves a number of problems for the mobile industry around the need to expand feature sets and improve battery life while increasing bandwidth and lowering costs through component reuse,” said Brian Reich vice president, Performance Oscilloscopes, Tektronix. “We believe that MIPI D-PHY will become extremely important across the mobile industry, and we’re fully committed to delivering the best-in-class test solution for this standard.”

Last fall, Tektronix introduced Option D-PHY for the DPO7000 Series of oscilloscopes that provides an automated setup library and methods of implementation for testing D-PHY. Today’s announcement brings automation to the measurement execution and instrument control level, saving time and lowering costs by delivering fully automated one-button testing for the battery of over 55 different D-PHY transmitter conformance tests.

“MIPI testing requirements involve a large set of PHY layer checkpoints. Automating PHY testing is essential for high efficiency and predictability. We were glad to support Tektronix’s request for evaluation boards incorporating Mixel’s D-PHY test chips to support their tool development,” said Ashraf Takla, CEO of Mixel, Inc. ( ), the leader in silicon-proven MIPI PHY IP cores. “Supporting the MIPI ecosystem is an important Mixel mission.”

Tektronix TekExpress (TEKEXP) Automated Test Software is a Windows-based application that runs on any Windows XP computer operating system including Tektronix Windows-based instruments. TekExpress software with Option D-PHYTX provides unmatched automation for each test with auto-cursor setting or automatic identification of gating areas. Alternatives from other vendors require manual intervention for setting up and completing the same tests, which slows the testing process and introduces the potential for error. Tektronix also offers the industry’s first support for the latest D-PHY base specification v1.0 and the latest D-PHY conformance test specification v0.98.

Tektronix Option D-PHYTX software will be available August. A complete solution including DPO7000 oscilloscope, probes, and TekExpress software with Option D-PHYTX has a starting list price of $56,990 U.S. MSRP.

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