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Advantest and OptimalTest Collaborate to Offer State-of-the-Art Test Management

04 October 2010 – Advantest Corporation and OptimalTest announce the availability of OptimalTest’s solutions for totally automated, integrated advanced adaptive test on Advantest’s T2000 High Performance Open Architecture test platform. By enabling T2000 testers and test cells with OptimalTest’s solutions, Advantest will augment the T2000’s industry-recognized high performance and cost benefits for SoC production test with the ability to achieve further significant improvements in yield; early detection of product, process and operational issues; reliability; reduced test time; production quality and Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) while keeping test costs low.

“This collaboration with OptimalTest is another demonstration of Advantest’s commitment to provide our customers state-of-the-art test solutions that give them every possible competitive advantage,” says Greg Self, Executive Vice President of Marketing for Advantest America. “With technology and market conditions that are extremely dynamic, we understand that our customers need optimal yields, reliability and test times while being able to maintain high quality and high performance at low cost.”

Based on Advanced Adaptive Test and other innovative core technologies, OptimalTest’s comprehensive, tightly integrated modular solutions are scalable based on customer’s needs, from local test floor control to test optimization of global fabless partners. They can be implemented either by a universal station controller for maximum test floor control or by deploying a lite unobtrusive software engine that can span enterprises and that can be installed to make test operations “OT-Enabled” for rapid deployment based on needs. OT-Enabled platform users can then choose to activate OptimalTest applications such as OT-Rules2, an advanced expert algorithm engine and OT-Portal, a feature-packed decision-support and visualization tool. The solutions deliver a customizable range of capabilities, from real-time and near-time Early Detection at distributed sites to achieving the “Optimal Enterprise” in test operations across a global fabless value chain to make test data a strategic management tool.

“OptimalTest provides production test floors with measurable results to meet the objectives of fabless, IDM, foundry and OSAT customers. Our solutions are proven to deliver improved yield, increased equipment utilization and reduced test times” explains Debbora Ahlgren, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for OptimalTest, “which mean reduced cost of test and operational efficiencies that boost ROI. In addition, because our solutions are scalable, once they are enabled and locally implemented they can easily be integrated across enterprises and partners. They deliver supply chain visibility in multi-enterprise businesses or customized value propositions to single entities such as downstream production partners.”

The T2000 represents a new generation of performance and value for high-production SoC test which has been adopted by the world’s leading IDMs, Fabless and OSAT (Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test) companies for production of their cost-sensitive SoCs. With over 1,000 installations at over 40 global semiconductor companies, the T2000 increases first-pass yields and site uptime, and delivers the industry’s highest UPH via multi-site test capabilities. OptimalTest solutions, which can be easily and rapidly installed, will enhance yield learning during production ramps as well as for high-volume, multi-site test.

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