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High Volume Test and Calibration of Barometric Sensors

Multitest InPressure24 February 2015 - Multitest introduced a new MEMS test and calibration solution for barometric sensors. InBaro provides a reliable multisite test and calibration for barometric pressure sensors and gas detection sensors for e.g. 144 and more devices in parallel with a maximum signal count of 2400 pins per insertion. It enables temperature test at a range form – 40°C up to +125°C with high temperature accuracy and stability.

The InBaro standard configuration supports quick exchange between five pressure levels – more can be added on request. InBaro features absolute pressures up to 1,500 mbar. The InBaro can be upgraded to “InHumid” to expand the application to other environmental sensor devices.

As an addition to the Multitest InMEMS portfolio the InBaro continues the modular concept, which allows for highest flexibility and reuse of equipment. Based on the InStrip handler, which can process packages in strips or carriers, all InMEMS modules fully leverage the highly stable package handling and ease-of-operation to ensure production proven high throughput and overall equipment efficiency (OEE).

Andreas Bursian, Product Manager, comments: “With InBaro our focus is to provide a solution for high volume production of barometric pressure sensors. We understand the urgency in consumer application field for best productivity and return on investment to meet the volume and cost targets. The customer appreciates the production proven modular concept of InMEMS, which convinces with the ease of operation and low maintenance requirements. Based on the InMEMS architecture the InBaro set-up can be easily converted for other MEMS test applications. The ability to upgrade the InBaro to InHumid is in line with the anticipated developments in the consumer applications area.”

Multitest offers a variety of solutions for test and calibration of pressure sensors in strips or singulated. The portfolio ensures that the actual test requirements in terms of pressure level, package type and production volume will be matched.

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