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Testing of DRAM Memory ICs with Data Rates up to 16 Gbps

Advantest V9300018 August 2015 – Advantest introduced a fast fully integrated memory test card, the HSM16G. The new card extends the high-speed testing capabilities of the company’s HSM series of testers to native 16 gigabits per second (Gbps) for at-speed testing of ultra-fast memory ICs. This new product launch makes Advantest the first ATE supplier to provide an integrated test solution that supports device engineering, debugging and volume production of today’s highest speed GDDR5 and future GDDR5X ICs, with parallel data busses up to 16 Gbps.

The new HSM16G card delivers a complete range of memory test capabilities, including per-pin algorithmic pattern generation to test any kind of fault algorithm, and provides fail bitmap capture. A precision per-pin clock with less than 1 picosecond jitter enables the industry’s most accurate jitter measurements. Along with per-pin-based arbitrary jitter modulation for device characterization and stress test as well as a set of integrated analysis tools, the card provides a comprehensive measurement suite for thorough device characterization. Programmable equalization allows for cable loss compensation and rise time control to support the best signal integrity in both engineering and production. Per-pin embedded searches for rapid alignment to the center of the data eye, fast eye measurements to screen for both eye height and eye width, and an integrated time measurement unit (TMU) for jitter measurements provide a set of key volume-production features.

For memory ICs with serial bus interfaces such as PCI Express (PCIe) and Universal Flash Storage (UFS), the HSM16G card offers the comprehensive capability for physical layer test (PHY characterization). This enables the card to cover all memory devices with high-speed serial interfaces or high-speed parallel memory buses.

Fully compatible with the V93000 HSM series’ hardware and software, the HSM16G card can be factory installed or retrofit onto a customer’s existing base of installed testers. It provides a seamless extendibility by allowing all existing test programs for HSM testers to be re-used with minimal adaption effort. This requires only a small evolutionary increment for users’ application knowledge, but provides a doubling in high-speed testing for DRAM devices.

The card’s 16-Gbps operating speed is faster than any other system on the market. To test today’s fastest ICs, other testers must compensate by performing complex multiplexing using two 10-Gbps channels with add-on solutions to reach the higher speeds needed. Because of the subsequent multiplexing, APG pattern generation is significantly restricted and only a limited feature set is available for characterization and debugging. The HSM16G’s native 16-Gbps speed allows it to avoid these constraints. When equipped with the fully integrated HSM16G card, the V93000 platform offers the broadest capabilities available in the high-speed memory test market.

“This new product not only reaffirms Advantest’s unmatched leadership in testing the latest and fastest memory ICs, but also demonstrates our dedication to providing new test solutions ahead of customers’ scheduled needs,” said Masuhiro Yamada, executive vice president of Memory Test Business Group at Advantest Corporation. “These attributes have helped us to earn our reputation as the partner of choice for customers worldwide, known for meeting users’ performance and productivity needs while delivering industry-leading return on investment.”

Shipments of HSM16G evaluation units have begun and the first customer orders are in process.

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