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Probe-2-Pad Inspection Station

aps Probe 2 Pad Inspection16 January 2019 - aps Solutions developed a tool, that allows the user precisely to check the position of probe tips of a Probe Card versus the probe pads of a Semiconductor wafer. The tool allows to check the behavior of the probe tips under real touch-down conditions as well as investigation of probe tips or needle beams under a microscope.

The basic concept of the P2P Inspection Station is using a State of the Art manual Probe Station from Partner Signatone Corporation from US, customize its platen and add a precise, adjustable Probe Card holder plate. The planarity level of the Probe Card adapter plate to the Chuck of the Probe Station can be adjusted with the provided alignment plates.

Some technical data about the Probe-to-Pad Inspection Station:

  • Linear Platen Lift: Lifts the platen 3/8” in a linear motion avoiding wear on Probe Tips. The friction stop permits pausing the platen at any point in its travel.
  • X-Y Microscope Stage: The X-Y microscope stage is easily moved with the control knobs. 2” of X-Y movement allows scanning of large areas.
  • Fine Platen Adjustment: The control knob allows the platen to be set to the desired fixture height.
  • Vacuum Chuck: The standard vacuum chuck is flat to +/- 0.0005” and has two vacuum grooves plus a center hole.
  • Chuck Rotation Lever: The rotation lever will rotate the chuck and making it easy to align to the Probe Card.
  • Chuck Vacuum Switch: This toggle switch toggles the chuck vacuum on and off for holding the wafer on the chuck.
  • X-Y Stage Control: The X-Y stage is a rack and pinion gear assembly with high resolution positioning. The compound knob permits easy chuck movement in both axes simultaneously.

The optional Video camera module can easily document the status of a brand new Probe Card or returned Probe Card from maintenance or repair shop. Document the 1st touch-down on virgin Probe Pads on a Semiconductor wafer. The Probe-2-Pad Inspection Tool is a perfect addition to the aps ARS01 Probe Card adjustment tool of aps.

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