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High-Frequency LCR Meter

GWI LCR 820012 September 2019 - GW Instek launched a new series of high-frequency LCR tester. The LCR-8200 series has four models and the maximum test frequency is up to 30MHz. The entire series adopts 7-inch color display and features a high measurement accuracy (0.08%). The measurement results can be presented numerically or graphically according to the selected measurement mode, allowing users to optimally interpret the characteristics of the DUT.

A full range of standard interfaces such as USB device / RS-232C / Handler and GPIB allow users to control the instrument by the most familiar interface without worrying about additional hardware investment costs. Furthermore, the series also provides USB storage function when operating in the graphics mode. The measured characteristic curves and values of the DUT are saved for subsequent analysis. The wide variety of features of the LCR-8200 can help users easily respond to the test requirements of passive components in R&D, engineering, and production.

Main Features:

  •   Wide Test Frequency 10Hz ~ 30MHz/20MHz/10MHz/5MHz
  •   7” LCD color Display
  •   0.08% Basic Accuracy
  •   Displaying Four Measurement results simultaneously from 17 selectable measurement parameters freely
  •   15 steps List Measurement
  •   Two Curves Sweep Mode
  •   Internal DC Bias Voltage ±12V
  •   USB Storage available
  •   ALC function available
  •   Standard Interfaces : RS-232C, USB host/device, LAN, GPIB and Handler
  •   Universal power input

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