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Hardware and Software Solutions reduce Cost of Semiconductor Test

04 October 2011 - Salland Engineering International announced the introduction of two major products for semiconductor test operations aimed at reducing the cost of test and minimizing CAPEX. The X750 is a new instrument that significantly increases the power density capabilities of the Teradyne J750 platform and MapWareHouse is a new software product that integrates and simplifies the management of all various maps used at different steps of the semiconductor test process.

X750 Extends the Capabilities of the J750

The J750 is a popular, low cost test platform ideal for high volume microcontrollers and consumer SOCs that require both high performance digital and high density analog features. The maximum number of device power supplies (DPS) available today on the J750 is 96. Salland’s X750 expansion option extends this to 640 additional DPS. Furthermore, as operating voltages have decreased, test current requirements have increased to support high parallel testing.

A result is that there are limitations in the standard J750s for accurately measuring very low currents, like IDDQ, and low voltages.

The X750 overcomes this limitation using innovative hardware technology developed by Salland.

Early customer evaluations have earned high praise for the complete compatibility of the X750 to the J750 environment. Physically, logically and environmentally, users can quickly upgrade their fleet of J750s as the most cost effective alternative for expanding throughput and thus, reducing cost of test.

X750 is available for production today.

“The X750 is the successor of our popular IDPS750 system that added 256 power supplies to the J750 and represents over two years of development effort by our instruments business line,” stated Paul van Ulsen, Salland CEO. “It also represents the culmination of over 15 years of expertise we have gained in developing high performance hardware upgrades for popular ATEs. In addition, MapWareHouse is one of several new software products being brought to market as a result of our recent acquisitions.

MapWareHouse is a good example of a tool that delivers a practical solution to a very large problem on the test floor. We have made sure that it is simple to use by production personnel who are tasked with moving product quickly through the various stages of inspection, wafer probe and packaged testing.”

MapWareHouse for Full Map Management

Maps used in semiconductor test operations are generated from a variety of equipment in a variety of different formats.   Maps, in general, may include inspection maps, wafer maps, in strip maps, partial maps and others. Today, there is a need to rapidly be able to quickly integrate the information contained in these separate data repositories for improving test efficiency and physical adaptations from step to step in the testing process. The personnel responsible for moving product from step to step do not want overly complicated data analysis tools or traditional factory automation monitoring. Instead they require easy-of-use and flexibility that can be made available anywhere in the world, including at their test subcontracting services and their upstream customer.

MapWareHouse has been installed at on the world’s leading integrated device manufacturers (IDM’s) for several years to date and has proven to be reliable, flexible and comprehensive.

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