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N4L presents new Precision Power Analyzer

N4L-PPA450010 February 2014 - N4L released the PPA4500 precision Power Analyzer. The PPA4500 extends the N4L second generation Power Analyzer range and bridges the gap between the PPA5500 and PPA1500 instruments, featuring high speed FGPA signal processing facilitating an improvement on the processing power and accuracy of the PPA2500 and PPA2600, the PPA4500 will replaces these instruments in the N4L line up.

A 2Ms/s continuous sampling rate and 0.03% nominal accuracy, the PPA4500 is perfectly suited to both research and development and integrated system test environments. Benefitting from the same 0.005deg phase accuracy as the PPA5500, the PPA4500 is an ideal solution for transformer loss testing at low power factor.

The PPA4500 features high speed FPGA/DSP sampling techniques and N4L’s highly respected “Planar Shunt” Technology, the PPA4500 is the result of over 12 years of development.

The PPA4500 replaces the outgoing PPA2500 and PPA2600 models, with improved accuracy, colour TFT, front USB port and faster processing. The PPA4500 is a significant leap forward in both accuracy and functionality.

The PPA4500 exhibits the ability to measure fundamental frequencies up to 2MHz, as well as up to 100 Harmonics with the same 2MHz upper frequency limit. PWM Motor drive mode enables the engineer to rapidly setup the instrument to measure complex harmonically distorted waveforms, sophisticated signal processing algorithms facilitate high sample rate (2Ms/s) true wideband (2Mhz) analysis of PWM signals. The PPA4500 Utilises parallel digital filtering for fundamental frequency synchronisation without affecting the bandwidth of the measured data.

All PPA4500 units are shipped with UKAS ISO17025 certification as standard, this is performed at N4L in the UK accredited ISO17025 Laboratory.

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