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Teledyne LeCroy launches new T&M Brand

T3 SPxxD28 September 2018 – Teledyne LeCroy announced the launch of Teledyne Test Tools (T3), a branded portfolio that adds a comprehensive range of test equipment to the Teledyne LeCroy product offering. T3 products complement and leverage Teledyne LeCroy’s decades-long leadership in oscilloscope technology and are supported by the Teledyne LeCroy Sales and Customer Care organizations.

“The launch of the T3 branded test equipment portfolio complements our oscilloscope technology and leverages our decades of market knowledge and strong customer relationships to create a one-stop shop for our customers’ test solutions needs,” said Roberto Petrillo, Worldwide VP of Teledyne Test Tool Development. “The T3 team is getting off to an exciting start with the introduction of two cutting-edge true-differential TDRs. By offering portability, reliability and advanced functionality at an affordable cost, our 10- and 15 GHz TDRs deliver on a unique value proposition that other products in the marketplace simply don’t meet.”

First products of the new brand are two True-Differential TDRs addressing previously unmet market need. Teledyne LeCroy’s two new TDRs, the T3SP10D (10 GHz) and T3SP15D (15 GHz), offer customers a ground-breaking combination of portability, reliability, and functionality at a cost-effective price point. Before the availability of Teledyne LeCroy’s 10- and 15-GHz TDRs, portable tools were either much costlier high-end TDRs, or single-ended instruments with limited functionality. The single-ended approach, which characterizes a device under test (DUT) with mathematical calculation of frequency and time-domain characteristics, is not accurate enough to meet today’s need to understand and control impedances from end to end in the channel. Furthermore, modern serial-data standards such as Ethernet and USB require measurement of impedance matching in the frequency domain using S parameters (S11), which would require the use of an unwieldy vector network analyzer.

Unique Value Proposition

Teledyne LeCroy’s T3SP10D (10 GHz) and T3SP15D (15 GHz) TDRs stimulate the DUT with true differential and common-mode signals. This unique combination enables designers of high-speed data channels, test engineers, and field technicians to precisely locate impedance discontinuities that can adversely affect a data signal’s rise times, pulse width, timing, jitter and noise content, resulting in degradation of overall system reliability and functionality.

Teledyne LeCroy’s TDRs deliver several key benefits including:

Accuracy: Using the same open short load (OSL) calibration standards as vector network analyzers, Teledyne LeCroy’s TDRs reach high levels of impedance plot accuracy.

Portability: With a small form factor, light weight, and optional internal batteries, the instruments can go anywhere in test labs or in the field to measure impedance discontinuities in applications such as ECUs, Automotive Ethernet, and cable testing, and in industries including automotive, aerospace/defense, IC manufacturing, and telecom.

Precision: They precisely identify and diagnose signal-integrity issues in interconnects, transmission lines, serial-data channels, and cables.

High-Value Features

The TDRs offer fast rise times of 50 ps (T3SP10D) and 35 ps (T3SP15D) for fault resolution (in FR4) of 4.2 mm and 3 mm, respectively, at DUT lengths of up to 40 meters. TDR repetition rates of up to 10 MHz rival that of costlier TDRs. The instruments also come equipped with an ESD protection module based on high-performance coaxial RF switches that protect the TDRs’ RF-signal detectors from the input connector when the instrument is not in use, a feature highly valued by users for its potential extension of the instruments’ life span.

Pricing and Availability

The Teledyne Test Tools T3SP10D and T3SP15D TDRs are available now at prices starting at $19,780. Options include internal battery, storage/travel case, phase-matched cables, differential probes, calibration kits, and on-site training.

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