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News about Board and System Test

Cost-effective Automotive Test Environment

Goepel magicCAR22 June 2016 - The magicCAR TC is a modular and scalable test system for a wide range of applications. The miniaturized tester is a cost-effective test environment for development and quality assurance. The combination of simulation and validation components allows flexible use in customer-specific applications. Thanks to the replaceable hardware modules further test resources can be integrated and parallelized easily. This enables a variety of additional applications such as endurance tests, screening tests or parallel tests.

The compact and scalable stand-alone system can be integrated into 19-inch racks and has a programmable power supply and a multimeter for current, voltage and resistance measurement. The complementary plug-in modules (bus, media and signal-plug-in modules) make magicCAR TC to a diverse test all-rounder.

Optionally available is a test case management software program generator. With corresponding preconfigured test step libraries it thus completes a ready-to-use application. Users with an existing program generator license can embed the magicCAR TC into their test environment by an appropriate update. Alternatively, the test system can be activated through an API (for C and LabVIEW) for system integrators.

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