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Test of High-Power Analog ICs used in Electric Vehicles

Advantest T200021 December 2017 – Advantest introduced two new modules that enable its T2000 IPS system to test high-voltage and high-power devices used in the power trains of electric vehicles (EV/HV). The new enhanced MMXHE (multifunction mixed high voltage) and MFHPE (multifunction floating high power) modules enable massively parallel, high-performance testing by leveraging Advantest’s innovative multifunctional pin design, which allows unprecedented flexibility in assigning test resources to any pin.

“As electric vehicles evolve, it is increasingly important to provide test solutions that support higher voltages to ensure the reliability of power-train parts,” said Satoru Nagumo, executive vice president of Advantest’s ADS Business Group. “Our new modules for the T2000 IPS system were developed to meet the testing needs of advanced analog devices for the rapidly growing automotive electronics market.”

The MMXHE and MFHPE modules optimize testing efficiency and lower the cost of test by providing 64 output channels and 36 output channels respectively. Each pin has multiple measurement capabilities, which minimizes the number of relays on the loadboard for streamlined operation and a simpler loadboard design.

The modules can measure voltages up to 300 V with accuracy up to the order of 100 μV, as required in testing ICs in power trains, controls and sensors of EV/HVs. Module resources can be stacked or ganged, giving customers the ability to adjust the tester’s functionality and throughput to achieve their desired performance. This versatility helps to ensure the long-term usability of the T2000 IPS tester.

The system’s capabilities include highly accurate testing of parametric measurement units (PMU), high-voltage digital functions, differential voltages, time measurements, Iddq, and arbitrary waveform generator/digitizer functions. With the T2000 IPS, each of these tests is assigned to a single pin, resulting in faster processing and higher throughput.

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