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Aeroflex supports 3GPP WCDMA Release 9

12 August 2010 — Aeroflex announced that its Infrastructure test system TM500 Test Mobile has added support for the 3GPP WCDMA Release 9 standard, the latest evolution of the HSPA+ standards, which permits concurrent operation of MIMO (Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output) and DC-HSDPA (Dual Cell High-Speed Download Packet Access). This doubles the maximum data rate to 84 Mbps.

The TM500 Rel-9 DC-HSDPA L1L2 Test Mobile enables 3G infrastructure equipment manufacturers to perform rigorous testing of their DC-HSDPA base stations, speeding up the development of infrastructure equipment and its deployment in networks.

The new TM500 model provides full implementation of HSDPA Categories 1 – 28, including DC-HSDPA, MIMO, and 64QAM. Support for seamless reconfiguration from single cell HSDPA to dual cell HSDPA and vice versa is provided via HS-SCCH orders. Legacy features from Release 99 to Release 8 are also supported, including soft handover for up to six cells, HSUPA categories 1-7 and Continuous Packet Connectivity. Layer 1, Layer 2 and Layer 3 test modes are supported, with multi-UE support for up to 32 UEs to follow in August.

The 3GPP Rel-9 DC-HSDPA L1L2 model is the latest in the TM500 family, which includes support for 3G and 4G standards from HSDPA through HSUPA, HSPA+, and DC-HSDPA to LTE. The TM500 Test Mobile offers all the capabilities of a mobile handset or set of mobile handsets, with advanced test functionality for comprehensive 3GPP verification, validation, and optimization.

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