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High Bandwidth Semiconductor Test Probes

ECT Z 080YHJ01 September 2015 - Everett Charles Technologies (ECT) launched a new member of the versatile ZIP semiconductor test probe family. The Z-080YHJ is designed to meet the many challenges associated with testing High End Digital (HED) devices. ZIP probes are a cost effective solution that provide excellent mechanical reliability and electrical performance.

Tony DeRosa, Senior Product Manager points out: “High lead count packages require a large compression window to compensate for package co-planarity stack-up errors. In addition, these devices often require a high level of signal integrity which is typically in the 12GHz+ range. These requirements result in conflicting physical parameters. A large compression window increases the length of the probe while high bandwidth drives probe length to as short as possible.”

The Z-080YHJ’s 5.0mm test height provides a generous total compression window of 0.8mm. The probe also provides an insertion loss of 18GHz @ -1dB (GSG). These factors combined make Z-080YHJ a perfect solution for HED applications. The Z-080YHJ is scaled for 0.8mm and greater device pitches and targets high lead count BGA’s and LGA’s. The DUT side plunger is made from ECT’s durable HyperCore homogenous alloy. This along with its sharp dual tip geometry allows penetration of solder ball oxides with less force than standard 4-point crown tips.

ZIP probes are based on ECT’s patented, innovative flat probe technology. The manufacturing process used to fabricate ZIP probes is extremely repeatable and results in a high level of consistency from probe lot to lot. Other ZIP probes target RF, mixed signal and general purpose semiconductor test applications. Markets served include burn-in, lab testing and high volume production. Low cost and high performance are hallmarks of ZIP probes.

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