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Measuring switching Currents in Power Semiconductors

PEM CWT MiniHF23 March 2015 - Power Electronic Measurements Ltd (PEM) launched the wide-bandwidth current probe CWT MiniHF. The Rogowski technology based AC probe not only provides better common mode immunity to local high voltage transients, but also a more precise measurement delay which can be compensated for to give improved power loss measurement in power semiconductors using SiC and GaN technology.

Combining a novel shielding technique, utilising a low sensitivity coil and patented low-noise signal-conditioning circuitry, the CWT MiniHF wide-band screened probe boosts immunity to local dV/dt transients while maintaining small size, flexibility, and 3dB bandwidth of up to 30MHz for a 100mm coil. The probes feature a coil only 4.5mm thick with 5kV insulation voltage, and can handle maximum current slope of 100kA/µs.

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