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Pulse Modulation and Noise Figure Measurement up to 60 GHz

RS ZVA25 September 2015 — With its R&S ZVA high end vector network analyzers and R&S ZVAX-TRM extension unit, Rohde & Schwarz offers an efficient and highly flexible solution for characterizing active components. Using a combination of a high-end R&S ZVA and the R&S ZVAX-TRM, users can now measure the noise figures of amplifiers, converters and transmit/receive (T/R) modules for radar and satellite applications.

The new R&S ZVAXxxB31 and R&S ZVAXxxB32 options for the R&S ZVAX-TRM even make it possible to carry out this measurement on amplifiers with low gain of only 10 dB and low noise figures down to the 1 dB range. Rohde & Schwarz has also expanded the test setup's pulsed signal measurement capabilities to the 60 GHz range by adding the R&S ZVAX67B712 and R&S ZVAX67B73 pulse modulator options.

The R&S ZVAX-TRM extension unit can be combined with any network analyzer from the R&S ZVA family – from 24 GHz to 67 GHz. It complements the functionality of the R&S ZVA family and supports, for example, measurements with high power levels up to +43 dBm, with two tone signals or pulsed signals, as well as noise figure measurements, and group delay measurements on embedded LO converters.

The stimulus and measured signals from the VNA are fed to the R&S ZVAX-TRM, where they are conditioned. The signals are then either output via the R&S ZVAX-TRM ports or fed back to the VNA and output via the VNA test ports. The R&S ZVAX-TRM makes it possible to decouple signal conditioning from the network analyzer, which offers a major benefit: The high-end VNA is protected from overvoltage and overpower damage during high power measurements.

When the R&S ZVA is used to perform standard network analyzer tasks, i.e. without the R&S ZVAX-TRM, the user benefits from the full RF performance of the high-end network analyzer in terms of output power level, dynamic range and long-term stability.

The new R&S ZVAXxxB31 and R&S ZVAXxxB32 noise figure measurement options for all R&S ZVAX-TRM models are now available from Rohde & Schwarz. The frequency range for the R&S ZVAX67B712 and R&S ZVAX67B73 pulse modulator options has been expanded to 67 GHz.

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